Executive Sales Coaching

Whether you have been a Head of Sales for many years or you have been recently promoted, you realize that your success is totally dependent on leading, motivating and influencing others. You are constantly challenged by change, conflict, company politics, market dynamics, and lack of resources and cross functional coordination.

While there is no way to avoid these (they seem to come with the territory), there are very effective and productive ways of dealing with them and coming up with solutions that can stop them from reoccurring. Doing so will not only make you more effective and efficient, it will also result in greater success for your teams selling efforts and for the way the company operates at the management staff level. Listed below are some of the areas we will work on together.



Relationships & Influence

Conflict Resolution

Change Management

Team Performance




Emotional Intelligence

Sales Comp

Work-Life Balance

Executive Sales Coaching Successes

Earlier in my career I was fortunate enough to work for Tony and to learn first-hand from a strong leader. Tony's leadership style is based on integrity and respect for everyone, regardless of their position. Tony is a leader who leads from the front, who clearly communicates a vision for the team and who sets the bar high driving the team to their full potential. Tony is an inspirational leader how embraces empowering his team which in turn get's everyone's buy in and drives strong results. Tony not only believes in, but also practices and expects from his team a collaborative environment in which everyone is approachable and open to all ideas. People on Tony's teams follow him because he earns their trust. He takes his responsibilities seriously while always keeping a balanced composure under any circumstance and has a great sense of humor that reminds us all what life is all about. The life-long lessons I learned under Tony's guidance and mentoring are of tremendous value from those early days up to present day.

Paul Zeiter
President, Zerto

I have worked with Tony as my career progressed from individual sales contributor to leader of EMEA sales.  He has played a pivotal role in coaching me through my early days in management when I started out with a handful of reports and as it grew to a highly dispersed, multi-cultural team operating across EMEA with a staff of more than 80 across multiple disciplines.  He specifically helped me in several areas of leadership skills including communications, go to market, motivation and change management. Tony is a passionate and confident leader.   He has an overwhelmingly positive attitude and puts his teams and his colleagues needs before his own. He is accessible and a leader that brings people up, even in times of great adversity. Tony delivers results.

Franco Mezzullo

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