Career & Transition Coaching

Do you feel stuck in your current position? Have you been passed over for promotion or new assignments? Do you want to take that next step on the ladder of success?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then we should talk.

Successful careers and getting ahead just doesn’t happen, you have to envision it, plan for it, and make it happen. I want you to create the opportunities you want and take advantage of the opportunities that you get. I’m here to help sales professionals attain the amazing careers and rewards that they want and deserve. My only agenda is your success. Listed below are some of the areas we will work on together.


- History/Current/Self/360

Define Goals

Requirements for Success

Gap Analysis

Action Plan

Review & Revise
- Resume/LinkedIn Profile/Bio

Personal Branding


Interview Skills


Onboarding & Assimilation

Career & Transition Coaching Successes

I have worked with Tony on and off over a number of years especially in times of job transitioning and when dealing with difficult issues in my sales leadership role. Tony always provided more than advice, he got me to really examine what it is I want to achieve in my career and life. He helped me organize my thoughts and goals and then lay out a plan on how to achieve them. Tony realizes that everyone has different needs and requirements and his approach is driven by working closely with each person on their particular set of criteria. I would recommend Tony to anyone looking for career or job counseling.

Sean Casey
VP Sales

I came to work for Tony after the acquisition of SGI by Rackable Systems in the role of Director of Americas Sales Engineers.  Over the next couple of years Tony provided me with invaluable coaching on how to advance my career.  This included creating greater visibility with the executive team and managing up as well as taking on more high profile cross functional assignments and being the voice of the customer back into the company.  By following the plan and coaching Tony provided me I was promoted into the role of VP Worldwide Sales Engineering which took executive staff approval.  Caring about and coaching people is one of Tony’s greatest strengths.

Rhonda Dias
VP WW Sales Engineering

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