Do These Sound Familiar?

To you:

  • Lack of budget
  • Lack of resources
  • Lack of other functional support
  • Unrealistic goals
  • Inadequate comp plan
  • Office politics
  • Lack of empowerment
  • Passed over for promotion
  • Lack of career path

About your team:

  • Underperforming to target
  • Lack motivation & commitment
  • Don’t follow processes
  • Poor performers
  • Lack of accountability
  • Non-productive sales activities
  • Lack of teamwork and trust

About your company:

  • Lack of sales alignment with company strategy and focus
  • Lack of clear strategy & focus
  • Goals not aligned across company
  • Lack of cross functional coordination
  • Poor resource allocation across company
  • Poor or inconsistent go to market plan


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What I do:

I am an executive sales and career coach. I am hired by individuals and companies who are looking to improve their sales leadership, skills and careers.

I provide:

  • Personalized one on one coaching sessions
  • Assessments and analysis
  • Skills appraisals and training
  • Planning and ongoing monitoring

I specialize in helping you:

  • Define your career goals and a plan to get there
  • Deal with the challenges of running a sales organization and being a company executive
  • Work on the skills that can enhance your capabilities, effectiveness and results for you, your team and your company
  • Make the time and commitment for your own improvement

Who I Help:

Sales leaders, sales people and companies come to HyPerformance Sales Coaching when they realize they want help in achieving their goals for their careers, their teams and their companies.


  • Heads of Sales
  • Sales managers
  • Sales people
  • CEO’s, COO’s and GM’s who want help for their sales teams


Without a coach people will never reach
their maximum capabilities

– Bob Nardelli, CEO of Home Depot

Why I am Different:

In 30 + years of sales and sales management experience from individual sales contributor to EVP WW Sales I have pretty much seen it all; issues, challenges and opportunities. I’ll share everything I’ve learned with you.

I get results for the clients I work with based on my approach to each situation and my experience in dealing with these challenges and opportunities.

  • A personalized plan and process based on the needs and requirements you have, not some cookie cutter approach
  • I focus on who you are and help you gain clarity for what you really want and how to get there
  • While I use many industry proven tools and processes I never lose sight that this is personal, you and me, one on one and my only goal is to make you successful

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The coach is someone who gets you to do what you don’t want to do so you can be what you want to be.

  – Tom Landry

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